Zlurpee Bowl History

Zlurpee Bowl has been around quite awhile and many things have changed over the years. Though at the end of each tournament people are walking away with smiles on their face and stories to tell.

I’ve attempted to collect as many stats and pictures as I could from all the years of Zlurpee. If you have anything you think should be here please let me know.

Want to know where you stand all-time among the great coaches that have attended Zlurpee Bowl? Why not check out the
All Time records.

Want to know what races come to Zlurpee Bowl, or how many coaches check out the
Attendance Count.

I’ve collected the final standings for all the tournaments, and photo albums of the events on separate pages with brief introductions. Check them out:
Zlurpee Bowl I
Zlurpee Bowl II
Zlurpee Bowl III
Zlurpee Bowl IV
Zlurpee Bowl V
Zlurpee Bowl VI
Zlurpee Bowl VII
Zlurpee Bowl VIII
Zlurpee Bowl IX

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