I recently commissioned the services of X-Painting for my Shadowforge
Female Elf Blood Bowl Team.  I’ve had this team for awhile and was
never happy with the paintjob I had on it.  Since the models were so
great, I decided it was finally time to strip them down and get these
figs into the hands of a pro.  After letting X-Painting know exactly
how many models I had, and what my expectations were, he gave me a
very reasonable rate.  Based on pics online of other models he’s done,
I had no question that his quality was going to be something to be
proud of.  He then asked me for specific instructions on the team.
Colors, basing, numbering, etc.  I’ve had companies in the past that
have asked for details like this but many times they ignored them.
However, what I noticed upon receiving the models is that he had every
detail from a specific color on a few model’s masks, or specific hair
color on models.  Every single model he painted (which ended up being
about 20 models) was done exactly as expected — and above and beyond.
He recommended putting a white football line strip on the grass base
of the blitzer models to help me and opponents more easily distinguish
those models in the game.  I love the fact that he combined painting
ability with ‘gaming common sense’.  It really makes a difference so
you don’t have to hear “They look great but….” comments from your
typical gamers.  I highly recommend X-Painting and will use them

–Jonny P