So i’m color blind, and I paint miniatures.  I was directed towards this really cool facebook group yesterday. ColourWise: Colourblind Miniature Painters

Very cool group of people, there was an article shared there that really resonated with me. How the Colour-Blind see art. Not so much their clever use of light to change things but towards the end of the article there is a mention of being color blind in school and the fear of coloring things the wrong color.

Art, art history, and my attempt at making art myself was a big part of my life growing up.  I was very lucky to have an art instructor at one point that helped me get over my fear of using colors.  I was well on my way to removing them from my toolbox completely and only doing work in a monochrome palette.   She helped me to realize that I wasn’t seeing the world the wrong way, just a different way.  So if my art showed my world or my vision then it could never be wrong as it was an expression of myself using the experiences and views that i’ve had.  She spent a lot of time reinforcing this idea, and pointing out that it is pretty rare for things to really be the color we say they are when quizzed.  The sky isn’t really just blue, there is a lot more going on there.  There is purple and blue in skin tones etc.  I think of her often and am grateful for the time she spent with me.

Really just wanted to share the article I linked at the beginning of this, I hope a few people take the time to read it.

With miniature painting the only time it has been a problem for me is in painting for other people, particularly if they ask me to paint it like it is in the box art.  There are some handy phone apps that help with that now.  Of course there was the time I found out one of my dwarves had been wearing purple pants for 4 years while the rest of the team was in blue.  I guess he was a rebel.

But hey, if you are running a large convention and choose to color code the tables instead of numbering them, maybe don’t put the red tables next to the green ones.  I’m looking at you GenCon with the same crazy expression you gave me.