So yet another team that has been waiting around for a long time, i’m happy to have painted several of these forgotten projects this year.  Almost makes me feel responsible in my gaming purchases, until another box arrives.  Today’s box was a giant box of Mars Attacks, but more on that later.

I wanted to do a vampire team based on fallen angels that rather then sucking blood from their thralls, were sucking the souls of sinners.  I found the Privateer Press Grotesque models and thought without the wings they would be perfect for what I had in mind.  With the wings they would have been pretty cool too, but a lot less practical on the Pitch.


Couldn’t resist another chance to use a XFL logo.



For the Thralls I could think of no more perfect models then the Phig’s Impact Miniatures Black Widows.  I grabbed 2 of each pose and had a great mix of models to work with.  This is the third time i’ve painted up a set of these, I really like these models though I can understand how they wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.


I intend to use this team in the next local league that will be starting up early next year.  I still need to number the bases, and build some Gaze markers, which I think I have a pretty cool idea for.